Girl in Maharashtra Dies of Rabies Despite Vaccination and Antibody Treatment


TNN    20 December 2022

Pune, Maharashtra: Despite receiving doses of the vaccine and fast-acting antibodies at the Naidu Infectious Diseases Hospital, an 11-year-old girl from Solapur died from rabies complications. On December 12, two days after she was admitted for full-blown rabies symptoms,


According to the doctors, the girl was given four doses of anti-rabies and anti-rabies immunoglobulin serum. But they clarified that full protection from the vaccine kicks in 14 days after it is administered; meanwhile, the serum ensures temporary protection.


Dr. Sudhir Patsute, Naidu′s infectious diseases expert, explained that the girl was bitten by a stray dog that bit her on the face. He explained that a bite on the face, neck, or head region is dangerous as it reduces the distance that the virus has to travel to reach the brain. A bite wound in these areas, if not washed thoroughly, increases the virus′ chances of survival. He added that this case proves the importance of preventive vaccination, especially in conditions where there is a high risk of contact with unvaccinated animals, mainly dogs.


He also emphasized the importance of rabies vaccinations. But in India, standard childhood immunizations for children do not include anti-rabies vaccines. He also mentioned that the Indian Academy of Pediatrics advises at-risk kids to have prophylactic rabies shots. Children who live in neighborhoods where there is a significant danger of being bitten by stray dogs are also included on the list.

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