Covid-19: Health Professionals Advise Prudence rather than Fear Tactics


The Hindu Bureau    23 December 2022

Several public health experts have warned against scaremongering over COVID-19, even after the Central and State governments have called for a general alert over a possible rise in COVID-19 cases in the country. They stated that precautions are needed and COVID-appropriate behavior, including masking in public places, needs to be in place.


They pointed out that posts like "Omicron XBB variant is five times more virulent than Delta" and the fact that it can cause extreme severity even when there are no obvious symptoms have led to public fear.


According to public health experts, the new virus variants in circulation are sub-variants of Omicron. Dr. T. S. Anish, a public health expert, stated that low immunity in the population, increased hospitalizations, and deaths due to COVID-19 in China are due to low innate immunity in the population and the poor vaccination rate among the elderly. He explained that, despite the massive influx, only 0.2% of cases in South Korea required hospitalization.


He suggested that the state should improve disease surveillance, keep an eye out for the emergence of new virus variants through better genomic surveillance, monitor the trend of hospital admissions, and look out for clustering cases in communities.

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