Covid 19 Nasal Vaccination Cannot Be Taken After Booster Shot: NTAGI Chief


Business Today Desk    28 December 2022

Dr. NK Arora, head of India’s coronavirus task force group, the National Testing Advisory Group (NTAGI), stated that Bharat Biotech’s nasal coronavirus vaccine, iNCOVAAC, cannot be administered to individuals who have already taken their booster doses.


While talking about the world’s first nasal vaccine, he added that the vaccine can be taken as a first booster dose and that the CoWIN app will not accept bookings for the fourth dose. He explained that the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine may be ineffective because repeated vaccination will cause an antigen-sink phenomenon.


As a result of which the body might stop responding to that particular type of antigen. He added that this is the reason why mRNA vaccines were given with a six-month gap, which was later reduced to three months. Additionally, he also emphasized that the vaccination is safe to use for anyone aged 18 and above to tackle COVID-19 and other respiratory infections.

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