Pharma Firm Responds to Uzbekistan's Allegation Saying Indian-Made Syrup was Linked to 18 Deaths


Vedanta Agarwal, Vishnu Som    29 December 2022

Uzbekistan has claimed that at least 18 children from their country have died after taking cough syrup manufactured by Noida-based Marion Biotech. The Health Minister of Uzbekistan has stated that the children had consumed a cough syrup called Doc1 Max. The laboratory test of the batch of cough syrup found the presence of ethylene glycol.


The Ministry also added that the cough syrup was given to children at home without a doctor’s prescription and that the doses exceeded the standard dose for children. He revealed that before hospitalization, the children were given syrup at home for 2–7 days in doses of 2.5–5 mL, 3–4 times a day.


In response to the allegation, India has launched a probe into the matter and halted the manufacturing unit of the pharmaceutical company until the samples are tested. The Central Drug Standard Control Organization has decided to conduct a joint inquiry in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Drug Control and Licensing Authority.

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