Centre to Pharma Firms: Ensure There are Adequate Stocks and Availability of All Drugs


PTI    30 December 2022

On Thursday, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, the Union Health Minister, directed pharmaceutical companies to ensure that there are adequate stocks and availability of all drugs at the retail level, especially COPD management drugs. The official statement revealed that the virtual review meeting was held to look at the current situation of COVID-19 cases in India due to the looming fear of the fourth wave of the pandemic.


In the meeting, Dr. Mandaviya reviewed the status and adequacy of COVID-19 management drugs along with the production capacities of the different pharmaceutical units with representatives of the respective pharmaceutical companies. He appreciated the pharmaceutical companies for their contribution in these tough times and stated that the pharmaceutical industry in India is robust, resilient, and responsive.


He added that it was due to their efforts that the government was not only able to meet the demand inside the country but was also in a position to supply medicines to 150 countries. He emphasized that this was achieved without compromising on quality or increasing the cost of medicines. Additionally, he asked the pharma companies to closely monitor the production and availability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) along with the formulations of essential medicines for COVID management.

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