Cold Wave Shock Led To the Death of 25 People in Kanpur


eMediNexus    06 January 2023

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh: On Thursday, 25 people died due to heart attacks and brain strokes caused by the cold wave. According to the report, 17 people died even before they could get any medical aid. Several experts and doctors stated that the cold temperature leads to a sudden increase in blood pressure and blood clotting, which in turn increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.


According to the report provided by the cardiology institute, on Thursday, 723 heart patients came to the emergency room and OPD. Out of those, 41 patients were in critical condition. The data from the control room of the institute revealed that 7 patients undergoing treatment at the hospital died due to the cold, whereas 15 patients who were brought to the emergency room were already dead.


Dr. Vinay Krishna, director of cardiology, stated that it is important to protect oneself from the cold. He added that heart attacks in this weather are not restricted only to the elderly. Hence, everyone, irrespective of age, should keep warm and stay indoors as much as possible. 


(Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/health/cold-wave-shock-25-die-due-to-heart-attack-brain-stroke-in-a-day-in-ups-kanpur-467927 )

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