Amidst The Covid Surge, Demand for Indian Generic Medications Soar in China


PTI    09 January 2023

The massive surge in COVID cases in China has resulted in a sharp increase in demand for Indian generic medications in the country. However, several doctors have issued warnings regarding counterfeit COVID-19 medications flooding the market these days. On Sunday, the National Health Security Administration in China stated that Pfizer′s Paxlovid oral medication was not included in the "register of drugs in the basic medical insurance" because the company′s quotation was too high.


As a result, the demand for Indian generic versions has gone up through Chinese e-commerce platforms. They stated that at least four generic COVID drugs produced in India, namely Primovir, Paxista, Molnunat, and Molnatris, have been listed for sale in recent weeks on several e-commerce sites. Primovir and Paxista are both generic versions of Paxlovid, while the other two are generic versions of Molnipiravir.


The head of Beijing Memorial Pharmaceutical, Dr. He Xiaobing, claimed that India was the only nation where they could find trustworthy and inexpensive COVID medications with assured therapeutic outcomes.

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