Guidelines for Diabetic Patients to Prevent Covid-19 Infection


eMediNexus    11 January 2023

With the looming threat of a fourth wave of COVID infection in India, as reported in China, India is taking precautions against the impending COVID storm. It is already known that people with underlying medical illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, respiratory diseases, kidney troubles, etc. are at increased risk of contracting the COVID infection.


Multiple studies have shown that diabetic people who have contracted COVID infection are at an increased risk of severe pneumonia and inflammation, hospitalization, a requirement for a ventilator support device, and fatality. These studies have shown that, with their weakened immune systems, people with diabetes are more susceptible to serious complications from internal infections, particularly when the virus is contagious.


Dr. B.M. Makkar, Senior Diabetologist and President, RSSDI, has given some advice to prevent COVID infection among diabetic people, such as following good hygiene practices, regularly washing hands with soap, sanitizing hands, etc. He added that diabetic people should avoid venturing outside as much as possible, follow social distancing measures properly, and take their medications regularly.


He advised them to check their blood sugar levels regularly to ensure they are within a healthy control range. Most importantly, he advised against self-medicating and to be watchful for signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or diabetic ketoacidosis.


Additionally, the recommendations included that diabetic people should maintain a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet. They should keep in touch with their doctor, and if their blood sugar levels are frequently fluctuating, they should not hesitate to seek medical help. 


(Source: https://www.daijiworld.com/news/newsDisplay?newsID=1038263)

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