Report states Chinese lives being saved by Indian medicines amid Covid crisis


eMediNexus    21 January 2023

China abruptly relaxed the prohibitions after nearly three years of the strongest anti-Covid policies, in response to significant citizen protests.


However, the sudden relaxation of the "zero-Covid" policy has made its 1.4 billion inhabitants vulnerable to the virus, overtaxing hospitals and filling mortuaries with dead bodies. As the temperatures plummet, the issue has gotten worse, with pharmacies all throughout the country running out of cold and pain medications.


With the surge in Covid cases, demand for Indian generic medications has skyrocketed in China. India has long been lauded as the "global pharmacy" for its production of generic medications.


Indian generic medications have been found to be clinically consistent and as effective as the brand-drug. The oral covid-19 drug Paxlovid from Pfizer is highly sought for but seriously undersupplied. The four most common generic drugs for Paxlovid sold in India included Primovir, Paxista, Molnunat, and Molnatris.


The Geneva Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) reported on its website in March 2022 that it has inked contracts with 35 pharmaceutical companies, including Astrica and Azizta, a brand name of the Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero.


The production of Nimatevir APIs or formulations, one of the components of Pfizer′s Paxlovid, is legally permitted by these businesses. People in China are increasing their demand for Indian versions of Paxlovid as they recognize the effectiveness and efficiency of the Indian healthcare system. According to the Chinese state-owned online magazine Sixth tone, all four medications appear to have received approval from the Indian authorities for usage in emergencies but are not permitted in China. A large number of Chinese residents have resorted to purchasing them on the black market or through other illicit means.


Though controversies remain, yet at the moment Indian drug are saving many of lives across China.


(Study: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/pharma/indian-medicines-saving-chinese-lives-amid-covid-crisis-report/97186668)

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