Marburg vaccine shows long-lasting immunity in first-in-human trial


eMediNexus    31 January 2023

A recent study published in The Lancet reported the good safety profile and immunological response of the Marburg virus (MARV) experimental vaccine cAd3-Marburg in a tiny, first-in-human clinical study.


In previous clinical studies, the investigational Ebola virus and Sudan virus vaccines utilized the cAd3 vaccine platform and showed a good safety profile. The chimpanzee adenovirus used in the cAd3 vaccine had been modified to render it incapable of cell infection or reproduction. It also demonstrates a glycoprotein on the MARV virus′s surface, stimulating immunological reactions to the virus.


The current study included 40 healthy adult volunteers. Each participant received one vaccine dosage, either a low dose (1,1010 particle units) or a high dose (1,1011 particle units). The volunteers were put on a dose-escalation regimen for safety. Three people received the low dosage. When they did not show any severe adverse reactions after the first seven days, the remaining 17 volunteers were then enrolled in the trial. Similar procedure was followed for the higher-dose group. Participants who received the investigational vaccine were followed up for 48 weeks to track their immune responses and watch for any adverse side effects.


The experimental vaccine was well tolerated and showed no significant adverse side events. Since 95% of the participants in the trial showed a significant antibody response following vaccination and 70% retained the response for more than 48 weeks, experts concluded that it appears the experimental vaccine induces robust, long-lasting immunity against the MARV glycoprotein.


Experts are planning further trials of the cAd3-Marburg vaccine in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and the United States. If more evidence confirms the encouraging outcomes found in the Phase 1 trial, the cAd3-Marburg virus vaccine might one day be employed in emergency responses to MARV outbreaks.


(Source: https://theprint.in/health/marburg-vaccine-shows-promising-results-in-first-in-human-study/1344122/)

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