Study uncovers 46% of Covid patients suffer liver damage


eMediNexus    11 February 2023

A recent study by BYL Nair Hospital revealed that Covid-19 has a considerable impact on the liver in addition to causing respiratory and cardiovascular issues.


Based on one of the largest data sets of Covid patients, the study discovered that up to 46% of patients had liver problems brought on by the virus itself, excessive use of experimental medications early in the pandemic, and dangerously low oxygen levels.


The gastroenterology department at Nair Hospital conducted a retrospective analysis of the reports from 1,474 of 3,280 patients who underwent screening and discovered that individuals with impaired liver function had a higher risk of developing severe illness and passing away.


Dr. Pravin Rathi, gastroenterologist, and dean of Nair Hospital, said the tests demonstrate that the liver and the lungs and heart suffered significant damage. For instance, patients with an elevated SGOT (a blood test that is a component of liver profiles) of above 50 had serious consequences. He claimed that abnormal liver function tests in coronavirus patients might be used as a marker to predict illness severity and the likelihood of ICU hospitalization.


Among 1,474 patient reports being examined, 793 had normal levels, and 681 had abnormal liver function tests. The study showed that acute liver injury occurred in up to 8% of patients, and 4.3% already suffered from it during hospitalization. Compared to 13% in the group with normal liver function tests, 28% of the group with abnormal liver function tests died. A higher risk of intensive care and mortality was also reaffirmed for patients with diabetes, advanced age, pre-existing cirrhosis or liver disease, low oxygen saturation levels at admission, and other risk factors such as progressive liver disease or cirrhosis.


(Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/46-of-covid-patients-have-liver-damage-study/97812020)

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