WHO increasing health surveillance after Marburg Virus was Detected in Equatorial Guinea


Reuters    15 February 2023

On Tuesday, an official from the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that the agency was stepping up epidemiological surveillance in Equatorial Guinea after the country confirmed its first outbreak of the Marburg virus.


According to the WHO, the country has reported 9 fatalities and 16 probable instances of the Marburg virus infection so far. The symptoms of Marburg virus infection include fever, tiredness, bloody vomit, and diarrhea. The Marburg virus has a death rate of up to 88% and is highly contagious, akin to Ebola.


Dr. George Ameh, the WHO representative, revealed that surveillance in the field has been strengthened. He noted that the COVID-19 teams have been hastily retrofitted for contact tracing, which can help significantly reduce the burden of transmission.


Following the discovery of an unidentified hemorrhagic disease last week in its Kie-Ntem district, Equatorial Guinea isolated more than 200 individuals and limited transportation. On Monday, the nation formally proclaimed the first case of the Marburg virus sickness.

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