Scientists Reveal that Non-Hormonal Male Birth Control Drugs are Possible


DNA Web Team    16 February 2023

According to a new study, researchers have identified a biological route that can prevent sperm from swimming. According to scientists, this new invention will open a new avenue for an on-demand, non-hormonal contraceptive pill for men.


Under present laboratory conditions, the drugs were able to prevent sperm from swimming for almost an hour. In an early study supported by the US National Institutes of Health, it was observed that the sperm was rendered immobile before, during, and after mating with just one dose of the medication.


The researchers explained that sperm cannot swim because the medication inhibits the activity of soluble adenylyl cyclase, also known as sAC, a protein that regulates cellular signaling. Additionally, they added that male contraceptives do not interact with hormones in the same way as female contraceptive tablets do.


Therefore, the researchers revealed that one benefit of the strategy under investigation is that it will not deplete testosterone or have any adverse effects associated with male hormone insufficiency.

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