Exercising at the Right Time of the Day can Accelerate Fat Metabolism


eMediNexus    17 February 2023

According to a study, physical activity performed at the right time of the day enhanced fat metabolism. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark revealed that exercising during an early active phase resulted in higher metabolisms in comparison to exercising during the resting phase.


As biological processes rely on the circadian rhythms of the cells, physical activity at different times of the day can have varied effects on the body. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute and the University of Copenhagen examined the adipose tissue of test subjects after a session of high-intensity exercise performed at two points in the daily cycle, namely an early active phase and an early rest phase.


The study aimed to determine how the time of day at which exercise is performed affects fat metabolism. In the study, the researchers examined numerous markers for fat metabolism and determined which genes were turned on in post-exercise adipose tissue.


The researchers discovered that physical activity during the early active phase enhanced the expression of genes related to adipose tissue breakdown, thermogenesis (heat production), and mitochondrial function. They also noted that these outcomes were not influenced by dietary consumption. 


(Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/diagnostics/study-doing-physical-activity-at-right-time-of-the-day-increases-fat-metabolism/97979292 )

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