CDRI Has Developed a New DNA Gel Stain Needed for RT-PCR


eMediNexus    20 February 2023

The CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute in Lucknow has created a DNA gel stain known as "GreenR." DNA gel stains are essential in RT-PCR and other diagnostic tests. At present, India is reliant on DNA stains imported from other countries for carrying out a number of diagnostic tests. However, this groundbreaking advancement can reduce reliance on foreign nations and provide a low-cost alternative to the costly RT-PCR diagnosis.


The government institute further asserted that "GreenR" is the country′s first locally produced DNA gel stain. The stain was produced by Dr. Atul Goel, the head scientist of CDRI, and his team of four researchers in association with Biotech Desk Private Limited, a company situated in Hyderabad.


Dr. Goel stated that the new stain is a cost-effective substitute for currently imported, commercially available dyes that are used to stain DNA and RNA. He explained that, till now, researchers have relied on stains like ethidium bromide, which intercalates between DNA strands, fluoresces orange, etc. However, ethidium bromide has been recognized as a mutagen for people, animals, and microbes.


As a result, using it is dangerous for the user, but getting rid of it properly is more important. Furthermore, to circumvent these issues of toxicity associated with these dying agents, some businesses have developed safe DNA dyes. However, these dyes have a high cost as they are expensive to import and have a patent on their use. But with the aid of "GreenR," life sciences researchers can significantly reduce the costs of their studies and diagnostic tests. 


(Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/diagnostics/cdri-develops-dna-gel-stain-needed-in-rtpcr/98080965 )

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