Reducing Mucous Aerosolization and Immunization can Prevent Catastrophic Outcomes Associated with Covid-19


eMediNexus    21 February 2023

According to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, controlling mucus aerosolization and vaccination can help reduce devastating COVID-19 infection outcomes. The scientists recommended techniques to stop the spread of viruses that infect the mucous lining of the respiratory system and spread as droplets into the lungs using mathematical models. In the study, researchers from IIT Madras, Jadavpur University, and North-Western University in the US carried out simulated tests to comprehend how the COVID-19 virus spreads from the nose and neck to the lower respiratory system.


In the statement released by the Institutes on Monday, researchers pointed out that people all over the world are trying to understand how the COVID-19 virus spreads from the nose and throat to the lungs. They noted that another hypothesis could be that patients could breathe virus-carrying droplets of mucus further into their lungs through their nose and throat.


In the study, the researchers tested this theory with mathematical simulations of the drops traveling from the nose and throat to the deep lungs. Their model showed that between 2.5 and 7 days following the onset of the initial signs of a COVID-19 infection, pneumonia, and other lung discomforts can arise. This occurs when droplets of contaminated mucus travel from the nose and throat to the lungs.


The researchers noted that by avoiding actions that lead to the creation of these droplets in the first place, it is possible to lessen the spread of virus-filled mucus droplets. For instance, sneezing or coughing might cause droplets of infectious mucus to be released from the nose and throat.


This would prevent a second source of self-aerosolized droplets that could be inhaled into the lower respiratory tract, in addition to preventing the spread of the disease to others. Additionally, the study also showed that, while the transmission of infectious mucous droplets into the airways plays a significant role, the severity and progression of the illness also depend on the immune response of the affected person. 


(Source: https://www.deccanherald.com/science-and-environment/controlling-aerosolization-of-mucous-and-vaccination-can-help-prevent-serious-outcomes-of-covid-19-research-1193373.html )

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