Adenovirus Most Common in Children under 2 Years, 90% of Cases can be Treated at Home: Experts


PTI    22 February 2023

According to experts, adenovirus is most common in children under two years old, but parents need not worry because 90% of cases may be treated at home with the proper measures.


Adenovirus, unlike COVID, can infect children under the age of ten, according to renowned pediatrician Dr. Arun Kumarendu Singh of AIIMS Jodhpur. When asked about the recent rise in Adenovirus cases across the country, particularly in West Bengal, he continued that there is no need to be concerned. He stated that this surge has been observed every year when the seasons transition from winter to spring.


He explained that children between the ages of two and five have infections in their gastrointestinal tracts that cause diarrhoea, while children under the age of two are typically infected by adenovirus through the respiratory system. He further added that there is no specific treatment for adenovirus infections at present. He pointed out that about 90% of the instances are minor and can be treated with rest and over-the-counter fever reducers such as paracetamol. Steam inhalation and bronchodilators that are breathed in or nebulized can also provide symptomatic relief.


However, he advised that severely affected children should be hospitalized, and they should be placed near their mothers to avoid psychological trauma.


Dr. Sidharth Niyogi, director of health services (DHS), advised people not to worry and stated that precautionary measures are being taken to combat the adenovirus. He added that, at present, there is nothing to be concerned about with the adenovirus spike in the state of West Bengal. 

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