Arsenic in water can damage the DNA


eMediNexus    12 February 2018

Patna researchers from SS Hospital and Research Centre, Kankarbagh under ICMR have found proof of gene expression abnormalities due to arsenic and endosulfan (pesticide) poisoning in Gangetic and stagnant water. The samples tested on on Swiss albino mice revealed that it caused cancer and infertility.

After administering endosulfan, it was confirmed that its toxicity led to asthenozoospermia (reduced sperm motility) resulting in infertility in Swiss albino mice.

Besides fertility, researchers have already indicated that the pesticide (endosulfan) damages the DNA, including sperm.

In case of arsenic toxicity, it was found that arsenic deposition was taking place in muscles, cells and blood of the mice, which was affecting the gene interaction causing it to either be upregulated (increase in stimulus) or downregulated (decrease in stimulus), which in turn is responsible for cancer. [TOI]

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