Transgender, Biological Male Breastfeeds


eMediNexus    19 February 2018

A transgender woman became the first to be able to breastfeed his baby. The journal Transgender Health published a case study last month highlighting a 30-year-old unnamed biologically male transgender woman who is believed to be first case of "induced lactation in a transgender woman". The transgender womans partner was pregnant and not interested in breastfeeding, the transgender woman was more than willing to take on the role of providing the babys primary food source. Transgender woman has not received any kind of "gender-affirming" surgery. But with the help of extensive hormone therapy, the study states that the transgender woman was able to breastfeed their child naturally for at least six months.


Doctors used protocals for "non-puerperal induced lactation," a process used to help women lactate. Spironolactone was used to suppress testosterone, while estradiol and progesterone were used to mimic the high levels of the hormones produced during pregnancy. Domperidone, to increase milk production and banned by US FDA was also used, along with a breast pump. [Samuel Smith. The Christian Post]

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