Black tattoos with papulonodular reactions are markers of sarcoidosis, says study


eMediNexus    13 October 2017

A study of 92 Tattoo reactions from a hospital material published February 7, 2017 in the journal Dermatology concluded that black tattoos with papulonodular reactions should be seen as markers of sarcoidosis. Of the 92 reactions with a papulonodular pattern, 27 (29%) reactions in 19 patients were diagnosed as cutaneous or systemic sarcoidosis, supported by histology, while 65 (71%) were diagnosed as non-sarcoidosis due to histology and no clinical sarcoid manifestations. Rush phenomenon with concomitant reaction in many other black tattoos, triggered by a recent tattoo with a papulonodular reaction, was observed in 70% in the sarcoidosis group and 28% in the non-sarcoidosis group.

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