Morning Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal


Dr KK Aggarwal    21 March 2018

  1. 26th CSB (24th Jan 18): MOH have notified rules for manner of Appeal under the PC & PNDT Rules, 1996 vide no. GSR 492(E) dated 22.05.2017
  2. 26th CSB (24th Jan 18): New rules will facilitate the states/ UTs to notify Appellate Authorities who will address the appeals against the orders passed by the States/ UTs Appropriate Authorities. Time lines have been provided for filing and disposal of appeals and requisite formats for submitting the appeal.

  3. 26th CSB (24th Jan 18): States have also been requested to explore the possibilities of utilizing the sealed ultrasound machines under the PC&PNDT Act for the benefit of common public in the Government hospitals after seeking appropriate legal opinions from their concerned law departments

  4. WP 34tl2008, Dr. Sabu Mathew George Vs Union of lndia in 2008 against the search engines- Google, Microsoft and Yahoo and UOI for the violation of Section 22 of the PC&PNDT Act that prohibits advertisement on sex selection through any medium including internet. The apex gave interim directions on 6.11.2016 to constitute a Nodal Agency to receive complaints against the violations of Section 22 for internet advertisements.Final judgement in the matter was pronounced on 13.12 2017. The apex Court has given final directions to UOI to constitute an inter-ministerial Expert Committee. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are directed to appear before the Expert Committee for ensuring 100% compliance of the relevant provisions of the PC&PNDT Act accordingly.

  5. Tele reporting: After due deliberation, it was concluded that Tele-reporting, if allowed fbr ultrasound scans will rampantly increase its misuse rather than contributing towards health care. Hence, issue of any clarification may be defened and Status quo be maintained.

  6. ‘Expert Committee after detailed deliberations concluded that umbrella immunity to ophthalmologist practitioner cannot be provided since the machines used for ophthalmic that is usually scan A (not potential of sex selection) have possibility of up-gradation to B scan and also there is a likelihood of attaching multiple probes in the ultrasound machines. hence could be misused to detect the sex of the fetuses.” The proposal was considered and accepted by the CSB and members said that it will also provide the opportunity to resolve the confusions related to the registration of ultrasound facilities used for other specialization including echocardiography, urology and others.

  7. Till date a total of 2695 cases have been filed, 441 convictions secured and ll8 medical licenses of the convicted doctors have been suspended by the respective State Medical Councils under the PC&PNDT Act

  8. There are total 107 such cases pending before various Courts: 70 are pending in various High Courts and 37 before the Supreme Court.

  9. Criteria for HFpEF: Clinical pulmonary congestion and radiological pulmonary venous hypertension, vascular congestion, interstitial edema, pleural effusion); Cath documented elevated filling pressures at rest (PCWP ≥15 or LVEDP ≥18) or with exercise (PCWP ≥25); elevated NT-proBNP (>400 pg/mL) or BNP (>200 pg/mL) or echo evidence of E/e ratio ≥15 and/or left atrial enlargement and chronic treatment with a loop diuretic for signs or symptoms of HF

  10. Liver diseases, which account for around 2.5 per cent of total deaths in the country, Minister of Health and Family Welfare J P Nadda said that the same would be included in the non-communicable diseases programme

  11. Malaria cases in Maharashtra have declined by 24% - from 23,983 cases in 2016 to 18,133 in 2017. [MOH]

  12. Dental exams may provide a way to identify someone at risk for developing diabetes. There is a progressive positive relationship between worsening glucose tolerance and the number of missing teeth.

  13. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: Do not ignore MAN-FH: metabolic syndrome, abdominal circumference > 80, neck circumference > 40 cm, fatty liver on ultrasound and HUO ( higher transaminases of unknown origin)

  14. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: Wey proteins cannot cause liver damage

  15. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: Weight building supplements can cause liver damage . They all have anabolic steroids as culprit in them.

  16. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: Never ignore rising SGOT and SGPT

  17. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: HUO or fatty liver: first rule our chronic liver disease evidence

  18. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: Treat fatty liver with 10% weight reduction, low glycaemic index diet and exercise

  19. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: If evidence of inflammation with fatty liver give vitamin E 400 IU twice daily with statins and pioglitazone trial for 2 years

  20. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: No amount of alcohol is safe with fatty liver

  21. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: Never forget to miss hepatitis B vaccination in fatty liver

  22. Merck- IJCP Fatty Liver Symposium: Always rule out curable hepatitis C in fatty liver. [Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr Rajiv Khosla, Dr AS Puri]

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