What situations can be described as professional misconduct?


Dr KK Aggarwal & Ms Ira Gupta    25 March 2018

The MCI has enlisted 22 situations of professional misconduct.

  1. Violation of any MCI regulation

  2. Not maintaining indoor medical records

  3. Not displaying registration number

  4. Adultery or improper conduct

  5. Conviction by a Court of Law for offences involving moral turpitude / Criminal acts

  6. Indulging in sex determination tests

  7. Signing untrue or misleading professional certificates, reports and other documents

  8. Contravening provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Regulations

  9. Performing or enabling unqualified person to perform an abortion or any illegal operation for which there is no medical, surgical or psychological indication

  10. Issuing certificates of efficiency in modern medicine to unqualified or non-medical person

  11. Contributing to the lay press articles or interviews regarding diseases and treatments which may have the effect of advertising himself/herself or soliciting practices

  12. Wrongfully advertising an institution run by a physician

  13. Using an unusually large sign board

  14. Disclosing the secrets of a patient

  15. Refusing to act on religious account in sterility cases

  16. Not taking consent

  17. Publishing photographs of patients without consent

  18. Not owning responsibility of your subordinates

  19. Using touts or agents to procure patients.

  20. Claiming to be a specialist when you are not

  21. Carrying out in vitro fertilization (IVF)/artificial insemination without consent

  22. Not following ICMR guidelines in research

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