Morning Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal


Dr KK Aggarwal    26 March 2018

IMA Mahapanchayat Held at Indira Gandhi Stadium. IMA announced indefinite strike if the NMC is passed by the government.

  1. The National Consumer Commission has issued notice to Fernandez Hospital and the Aarohi Blood Bank in Hyderabad in a complaint seeking Rs. 6 crores in damages for a botched platelet transfusion resulting in an infant becoming infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
  2. Scientists from the University of Lincoln, UK, have now successfully created a simplified, synthesised form of teixobactin which has been used to treat a bacterial infection in mice, demonstrating the first proof that such simplified versions of its real form could be used to treat real bacterial infection as the basis of a new drug.
  3. Jaipur TOI: The government proposal to increase the retirement age of doctors from 62 to 65 was met with serious opposition by the Senior Resident Doctors’ Association. Senior resident doctors alleged that the state government has not been advertising posts of assistant professors in medical colleges. And now they are shutting the young doctors away from government jobs by increasing the retirement age of senior doctors.
  4. The Karnataka government has defended before the Supreme Court its criteria for Karnataka origin or minimum 10-year study requirement for candidates outside the state to get admission to Post Graduate seats in medical and dental colleges.
  5. Hyderabad: Giving its nod to the much-awaited demand of the medicine Post Graduate students, the State Legislative Assembly on Saturday did away with the compulsory rural practice clause for the purpose of registering as the medical practitioners. Moving the Bill in the Assembly, Health Minister Dr C Laxma Reddy said similar conditions imposed for MBBS degree holders were also lifted as the one-year compulsory rural service failed to achieve its objective.
  6. Supreme Court has admitted a writ petition against Fortis Hospital Gurugram, in Adya’ Dengue Death case & issued notice to central government, Haryana gov., FMRI, MCI, NPPA, and Dr Vikas Verma.
  7. IE: 7 resident doctors of the D Y Patil Hospital were beaten up, allegedly by a mob that was upset about the death of a local youth. The mob damaged hospital property. Resident doctors of the Pimpri hospital held protests.
  8. Watch face book live: the quint: https://www.facebook.com/quintfit/videos/2023071737933666/
  9. Lifestyle changes and treatment with metformin both reduces the incidence of diabetes in persons at high risk. Lifestyle intervention is more effective than metformin [Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group]
  10. WHO estimated 600 000 cases of rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis in 2016—of which 490 000 were multidrug resistant, with less than 50% survival
  11. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a pregnant lady must pay visits to a doctor for at least 4 times during the pregnancy period.
  12. Medical expulsive therapy, which is routinely used to hasten the passage of ureteral or kidney stones in patients experiencing acute ureteric colic, has no effect on spontaneous stone passage [MIMIC study]
  13. Most #stones smaller than 10 mm, and particularly those smaller than 5 mm, will pass naturally, without needing to intervene surgically. On average, it takes about a month to pass a #kidneyStone, depending on its size.
  14. Neither alpha blockers nor calcium-channel blockers showed any benefit in the large SUSPEND trial (Health Technol Assess. 2015;19:vii-viii, 1-171)
  15. But alpha blockers were shown to be beneficial in a large systematic review and meta-analysis (BMJ. 2016;355:i6112).
  16. NAIROBI: A woman who was verbally & physically abused after giving birth on the floor of a #Hospital won a landmark $24,789 in damages. She delivered her baby on the floor as all beds were occupied. Nurses slapped and insulted her for dirtying the hospital floor.
  17. One of the most avant-garde obesity policy experiments is happening in Chile, where health officials are trying to revolutionize nutrition labeling. Instead of cramming percentages and numbers onto the back of food packages, the Chilean government now requires symbol-based warning labels on the front of food products that contain high levels of salt, sugar, calories, and saturated fat.
  18. Canada, where 20 percent of adults have obesity, has taken notice. It’s now on the cusp of becoming the first high-income country to adopt a similar warning system. Meanwhile, Mexico, which has called overweight, obesity, and diabetes public health emergencies, is also considering following Chile’s lead. [vox dot com]
  19. There are more than 40,838 doctors of Indian origin in America today. The actual number could be higher.
  20. As reported by The Times of India, between April 2013 and March 2016, 4,701 doctors who graduated from India chose to go abroad.

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