ESpiritual: Do what you do to God


Dr KK Aggarwal    12 October 2017

There are two types of people who believe in Dvaita or Advaita philosophy. For people who believe in Dvaita philosophy, God and human being are different. The people who believe in Advaita philosophy believe that God is within them. In Hinduism, the first group believes in Sanatan Dharma and does idol worship (Moorti pooja) and the second group Arya Samaj, which does not believe in idol worship. In both situations, medically the message is one. If God is different than you, then you try to be like Him and if God is in within you, then you are Him. In both situations, we should deal with our body the same way as we deal with God. Anything which is not offered to God, we should not offer to our body. The examples are cigarettes, drugs etc. and things like onion, garlic, radish etc. should be consumed in less quantity. We never worship God with hydrogenated oil; we always worship him either with oil or with Desi Ghee. The message is that we should not consume trans fats. We never feed God Bhagwan ko bhog lagate hain. The message is we should eat less. Amongst all Gods, only Lord Shiva is said to consume Bhang and Alcohol that too only in Bhairon incarnation, which indicates that both alcohol and bhang can be consumed in some quantity only in special situations that means that they cannot be consumed without medical supervision. Anything grown under the ground is not offered to God, thus, these items should not be eaten or eaten in moderation. We never offer God white salt and white rice. They are bad for human beings also. Gur, shakkar, brown rice and puffed rice are offered to God. They can be consumed by human beings.(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

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