Relationship between Postpartum Depression and Psychological and Biological Variables in the Postpartum Period


eMediNexus    03 May 2018

A study evaluated the predictive relationship between psychological symptomatology 24 h postpartum and depression 4 months postpartum. The study also assessed the relationship between estradiol and postpartum mood. Two hundred women participated in the study. Of these, 111 women completed the second assessment 4 months postpartum. Psychological symptoms were assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory II and the Scale of State-Trait Anxiety. At 24 h postpartum, symptoms of depression, trait anxiety, and state anxiety were all significantly correlated with each other. Depression at 24 h postpartum independently predicted depression at 4 months postpartum. No statistically significant relationship was found between estradiol levels and mood. Symptoms of depression immediately postpartum thus appeared to predict postpartum depression. Early postpartum psychological evaluation of the mother and intervention might prevent or decrease postpartum depression. The findings are published in Maternal and Child Health Journal.

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