eWellness: Eating refined sugar can cause diabetes


Dr KK Aggarwal    13 October 2017

Eating too much refined white sugar can cause insulin resistance and future diabetes.Diabetes does not mean that one cannot have desserts forever. While eating too many sugary foods should be avoided, one can have an occasional dessert, especially if one exercises and otherwise eats healthy. Its better to substitute brown sugar or Jaggery in that case. Artificial sweeteners including stevia are the other options.Fruits are healthy for diabetics but cannot be consumed in huge amounts, as they contain carbohydrates.As per Ayurveda, diabetes is a Kapha disorder and diabetics should limit the intake of sweet, salt and sour taste in the diet. Any fruit or vegetable, which is bitter and dark green has anti-diabetic properties.One should combine a bitter taste with a sweet taste when choosing a vegetable of a fruit. For example one should not combine peas with potatoes but one can combine potatoes with methi or palak.Diabetics are not more susceptible to colds and other illnesses but may have more complications of flu.Taking insulin does not cause hardening of the arteries or high blood pressure.Diabetes is not contagious and one cannot catch diabetes from someone else.

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