Impact of Flixweed-Honey Vaginal Product on Cervicitis


eMediNexus    12 May 2018

A study published recently in the Research Journal of Pharmacognosy evaluated the effect of a traditional medicine product, flixweed-honey, on cervicitis. Married women, aged 17-55 years, with a diagnosis of cervicitis who were not pregnant and breastfeeding, without any history of cervical polyps and pelvic surgery, and non-concurrent use of herbal or other chemical medicines were included in the study. Overall, 97 patients were treated with flixweed-honey for two weeks. Of the 97 patients enrolled in the study, 72 returned for follow-up. All subjective and objective parameters including vaginal irritation, itching, discharge, bleeding and pain after coitus, tenderness, and cervical wound size and friability were found to improve significantly following treatment with flixweed-honey. Therefore, the vaginal product of flixweed–honey seems to be effective in the treatment of clinical symptoms of cervicitis irrespective of the cause of cervicitis, without causing serious side effects.

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