What is the procedure of lodging a complaint with the ASCI?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ira Gupta    14 May 2018

Any individual or company can lodge a complaint with the following details:

  1. Product/company about which there is a complaint
  2. TV channel and program in which the advertisement appeared or
  3. Newspaper, magazine, outdoor where the advertisement appeared
  4. Nature of complaint, i.e., whether the claim is false, misleading or the advertisement is found to be offensive, indecent and vulgar.

When a complaint is received about an advertisement, the ASCI gives an opportunity to the advertiser to review the advertisement for its likely impact on the sensibilities of individual viewers of TV, or readers of press publications. The advertiser is given a notification of a complaint received at ASCI with the details as above and is asked to respond within a short time span. If the complaint is withheld by the ASCI, then it seeks assurance from the advertiser to withdraw or modify the advertisement. If the assurance is not received, then the concerned agency (in this case, the Medical Council of India) is advised that the advertisement contravenes the ASCI code.

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