Complexities of T2DM management: Have DPP4 inhibitors ushered in an era of SIMPLICITY?


Dr Shashank R Joshi    22 October 2017

Complexities of T2D management Glycemic control Hypoglycemia Weight management Comorbidities AdherenceClassical T2DM pathology A simple triumvirateImpaired b-cell function Increased hepatic glucose Insulin resistanceEvolution of T2Dagents - DPP4 inhibitors brought in an era of simplicityDPP4 inhibitors work effectively in Asian patientsDPP4 inhibitor linagliptin can inhibit TGFb-2 induced endothelial-mesenchymal transition and ameliorate diabetic kidney fibrosis DPP4 inhibitors are weight neutral The ideal drugs for type 2 diabetes should be: Safe Efficacious Durable control Well tolerated Low risk of hypoglycaemia Weight neutral or weight lossIncretin based therapies, especially DPP4 inhibitors, come close to this.

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