Nipah Virus: Death Toll Rises to 14, Tests Rule out Bats as Origin


    29 May 2018

The total death toll from the Nipah virus rose to 14 on 27 May. Bats are not responsible for the spread of the Nipah virus, that has claimed 14 lives in Kerala, officials said on Friday, 25 May.

India has reportedly procured 50 doses of an antibody from Australia, which will help in fighting the virus.

  1. Kerala Health Ministry, in a statement, said the Nipah virus is only a “local occurrence” and not a major outbreak
  2. 14 people have died due to the virus outbreak
  3. Sikkim and Bihar governments have issued health advisories to the people of the state.
  4. The UAE has asked its residents to put off unnecessary travel to Kerala

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