Adverse effect analysis of high-intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of benign uterine diseases.


eMediNexus    02 June 2018

A new study published in the International Journal of Hyperthermia analyzed the adverse effects of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in the management of benign uterine diseases. The study recruited 27,053 patients with benign uterine diseases treated with HIFU. Among them, 17,402 patients had uterine fibroids, 8434 had adenomyosis, 876 had cesarean scar pregnancies, and 341 had placenta accreta. The median age, height, weight, BMI of the patients were: 42 years, 158 mm, 56 kg, 22.5 kg/cm2, respectively. Overall, 13,170 adverse events were recorded after HIFU treatment. Two of the major adverse effects were vaginal discharge or bleeding. Other major adverse effects were skin burn, leg pain, urinary retention, acute cystitis, intrauterine infection, bowel injury, acute renal failure, deep vein thrombosis, pubic symphysis injury, post-HIFU thrombocytopenia, sciatic nerve injury, and hydronephrosis. Meanwhile, no significant difference was observed in the rates of major adverse effects between patients with uterine fibroids, adenomyosis and placenta accreta. From the results, it was inferred that HIFU is safe in treating patients with benign uterine diseases. It was stated that the rate of major adverse effects with HIFU can be reduced with development of this technique and increased experience of the practitioners

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