What precautions can be taken to reduce risk of liability while giving an opinion via email?


Dr KK Aggarwal & Ira Gupta    03 June 2018

While giving opinion on email, the doctor must write that it is only an opinion based on the reports and not a proper consult, as the patient has not been seen.

When giving a written opinion through email one can take the following precautions and write: 

  1. “Expert opinion provided as a professional courtesy only”
  2. “Nominal fee charged is only to cover the secretarial / incidental expenses involved and does not count towards a consideration or contract”
  3. “This is only an opinion based on the information provided to me. It is not a final opinion which cannot be given without seeing the patient physically.
  4. “This is not a final opinion and you may use this opinion at your own responsibility and discretion”
  5. “As it is an opinion given without seeing the patient I take no legal responsibility for the opinion given”.

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