Can the councils direct to attend CMEs as a form of punishment?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ms Ira Gupta    16 June 2018

Yes. In one of its orders, DMC/DC/F.14/Comp.591/2010/19th April, 2010, the Delhi Medical Council stated “A two year old child with a right divergent squint for last one year (approx.) and fundus showing an RD involving macula a diagnosis of Retinoblastoma should always be suspected and a B-scan USG, EUA and a CT/MRI of orbit and brain is mandatory immediately. In addition parents should be informed of the possibility of tumour in right eye. A squint surgery is not advisable till tumour is ruled out. The Delhi Medical Council, therefore, issues a warning to both treating doctors”.

In an appeal against order dated 19.04.2010 passed by DMC, the Ethics Committee of Medical Council of India (F.No. 826/2010) noted that as suggested by the High Court of New Delhi under WP(c) 5058/2011 & WP (c) 6084/2011 dated 16th September, 2011, the above doctors need not undergo CME programs only in the hospitals where they have undergone sub specialty training. They have to undergo 15 days of continuous Medical Education Program (CME) and continuous professional development program (CPD) every year for three years in Ophthalmology, especially in their respective areas of sub specialty. They can participate in workshops, Seminars, symposium, panel discussions, clinical meetings, Journal clubs, teaching programs etc. in recognized international, National and State conferences and teaching institutions. They can participate in teaching programs in their own institutions of repute. They can participate in such programs in the institutions where they obtained their sub specialty training. Six monthly report of such training to be submitted to Secretary, Medical Council of India for the next three years as compliance.

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