eWellness: Some facts on healthy eating


Dr KK Aggarwal    17 June 2018

  1. Natural fast food is good for health.
  2. Examples of natural fast foods are milk, dry fruits and fruits.
  3. Artificial fast food or junk food is bad for health.
  4. Junk food contains refined sugar, bad fats and trans fats.
  5. Trans fats reduce the amount of good cholesterol and raised the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.
  6. Soft drinks, if taken more than one in a day, are harmful to the health.
  7. Sweets contain more than 30% sugar and are harmful to the body.
  8. White sugar, white maida and white rice should be avoided.
  9. Jaggery is better than sugar.
  10. All girls should eat jaggery and white gram once a week.

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