Can a doctor advertise to solicit patients?


Dr K K Aggarwal    24 October 2017

No it is unethical for doctors to advertise in order to procure patients. Section 6.1 of the Code of Medical Ethics of the Medical Council of India MCI does not allow doctors to advertise. 6.1 MCI Act Advertising 6.1.1 Soliciting of patients directly or indirectly by a physician by a group of physicians or by institutions or organisations is unethical. A physician shall not make use of him her or his her name as subject of any form or manner of advertising or publicity through any mode either alone or in conjunction with others which is of such a character as to invite attention to him or to his professional position skill qualification achievements attainments specialities appointments associations affiliations or honours and or of such character as would ordinarily result in his self aggrandisement. A physician shall not give to any person whether for compensation or otherwise any approval recommendation endorsement certificate report or statement with respect of any drug medicine nostrum remedy surgical or therapeutic article apparatus or appliance or any commercial product or article with respect of any property quality or use thereof or any test demonstration or trial thereof for use in connection with his name signature or photograph in any form or manner of advertising through any mode nor shall he boast of cases operations cures or remedies or permit the publication of report thereof through any mode.

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