Family claims Rs 6 crore from Fernandez hospital


eMediNexus    10 July 2018

Claiming crores in compensation is now a common occurrence. In another case an infant allegedly contacted HIV after platelet transfusion and now, the family has claimed in March 2018 Rs 6 crore in damages from the Aarohi Blood Bank and Fernandez Hospital in Hyderabad.

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission issued a notice after the infants family filed a petition.

The complaint alleges that the parties involved were responsible for a botched platelet transfusion resulting in an infant becoming infected with HIV.

The infant underwent anorectal surgery on September 7, 2016, during which the father was told that the baby needed platelet transfusion as there was a lot of blood loss and the baby was in critical condition. For this, a single donor had to be arranged, but platelets from random donors procured from a blood bank were transfused into the baby. On March 7, 2017, the baby was diagnosed with HIV.


  1. Is the mother and father negative?
  2. Was the platelet transfused tested?
  3. If yes was the NAT test done?
  4. Is it a case of window period?
  5. Was the consent taken?
  6. Who took the consent?
  7. Who gave the consent?
  8. What happened to the baby
  9. Was the lab who issued the blood registered
  10. Was the baby put on treatment the day was diagnosed HIV positive

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