eWellness: Few ways to make homes heart-friendly


Dr K K Aggarwal    16 September 2017

• Stock your home with healthy food options• Limit the consumption of junk or pre-packed food that are often high in sugar, fat, and salt• Incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables in your meals and reduce sweet cravings by swapping sweet treats withmango or other sweet fruits

• Prepare healthy yet creative lunch at home and for your child’s school tiffin• Ban smoking in your home, this will not only improve your health but also your children's health anddiscourage them from picking up the habit in the first place. Quitting smoking is a great way to be a positive rolemodel for your children• Be active, limit the number of hours spent watching TV or playing games on various electronic gadgets• Organize outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking or simply playing in the garden• Recognize your heart attack risk• Visit a health professional who can measure your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, weight andbody mass index, and advise on your risk.• Once you know your CVD risk, you can make a specific plan to improve your heart health and your healthcareprofessional can also advise on appropriate treatment options where necessary

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