Inspirational: Donít Give the Fish, teach them to catch it


eMediNexus    24 October 2017

Today I visited my bank in order to deposit a cheque for a due payment to a company. The procedure was quite simple but I thought of cross checking it with the teller so as to avoid cheque bounce back. The teller being a fresh employee (I judged it from the face look and the communication approach) wasnt sure about it. She called her manager for assistance. The manager, a nice ethical young man, elaborated the details about the form filling which I understood and thanked him for. However I noticed that while the manager was explaining to me, the teller got busy in something else and didnt pay attention to her manager neither the manager asked her to listen vigilantly to understand the procedure.Well, I completed my work in bank and ponder that the manger had taken the corrective methodology instead of preventive methodology. Hence there is a big time chance that the teller would call her manager again in future and every time the managerwill have to leave his desk, come to the teller point and explain the same procedure to more customers in future which he could have avoided by teaching the procedure to the right person, the teller. This extra work would cause disturbance in his routine work and waste his precious time to complete the jobs which he has been primarily hired for!!!This whole situation reminded me of a good quote which says, Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day; Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a life time And this is why I said earlier, that the teller will ask her manager again (asking for the fish) because the manager didnt teach to catch the fishSo my friend this is where the power of being visionary and proactive come into playÖ that is to see the future now and make the right moves Ö and this is where Stephen Covey suggests us to begin with the end in mind

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