What are the duties of the physician towards the public and community health?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ira Gupta    25 October 2017

As citizens of this country doctors have a duty towards the public and community health Regulations 5 1 and 5 2 of Chapter 5 of MCI Act have laid down directives for doctors in this regard 5 1 Physicians as Citizens Physicians as good citizens possessed of special training should disseminate advice on public health issues They should play their part in enforcing the laws of the community and in sustaining the institutions that advance the interests of humanity They should particularly cooperate with the authorities in the administration of sanitary public health laws and regulations 5 2 Public and Community Health Physicians especially those engaged in public health work should enlighten the public concerning quarantine regulations and measures for the prevention of epidemic and communicable diseases At all times the physician should notify the constituted public health authorities of every case of communicable disease under his care in accordance with the laws rules and regulations of the health authorities When an epidemic occurs a physician should not abandon his duty for fear of contracting the disease himself

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