Oxytocin controversy


Dr KK Aggarwal    25 July 2018

“According to the information we have received from KAPL, the new price of Oxytocin will be ?17.78 / vial (?15.58 +12 % GST), which is unacceptably high and could seriously upset the budgets of small hospitals. Also, KAPL says that the minimum order quantity should be 1,000 ampoules, which might be difficult for small nursing homes,” according to gynaecologists.

“Pitocin, manufactured by Pfizer and a popular brand preferred by gynaecologists, was being sold at ?13.77/vial for hospital supply and at a lesser rate for bulk purchase. It is unbelievable that an essential drug which used to be cheap even in the private pharma sector, has been made the monopoly of a single PSU and that hospitals are now expected to procure it at the highly exorbitant price of 17.78/vial.

Gynaecologists concern: On Ban on Pvt pharma for domestic use. All of them asked in the same voice "If the product of KAPL is not as effective as the existing Brands, what will we do?"

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