Ameliorative effects of bee pollen and date palm pollen on the glycemic state.


eMediNexus    31 October 2017

A new study published in Biomedicine Pharmacotherapy aimed to assess the effects of bee pollen BP and or date palm pollen DPP suspensions on the glycemic state testicular dysfunctions oxidative stress and antioxidant defense system in streptozotocin STZ induced diabetic male Wistar rats. Here diabetes mellitus was induced by single intraperitoneal injection of STZ to overnight fasted rats at a dose of 40mg kg body weight. After 1 week of STZ injection diabetic rats were treated with BP and or DPP suspensions at dose levels of 100mg kg body weight day for 4 weeks. The results revealed that STZ induced diabetes significantly increased blood glucose levels testicular nitric oxide NO and malondialdehyde MDA levels parallel with disrupted testicular and pancreatic histological architecture and integrity. Whereas STZ induced diabetes significantly decreased body weight testis and pancreas weights levels of serum insulin testosterone luteinizing hormone LH and follicle stimulating hormone FSH as well as sperm count motility and viability. While the administration of BP and DPP suspensions resulted in a significant recovery of the above mentioned parameters when compared to the diabetic control group. These improvements were associated with enhancement of the testicular antioxidant system manifested by an increase in the lowered glutathione content GSH and glutathione S transferase GST glutathione peroxidase GPx and superoxide dismutase SOD activities in diabetic rats. Hence it was speculated that BP and or DPP suspensions may have potential protective role against diabetes induced pituitary testicular axis dysfunction and testicular histological deleterious changes in association with antihyperglycemic actions through their antioxidant properties and their efficiency to improve blood insulin level and beta cell function.

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