Nutritional factors influencing growth rate of Candida albicans in diabetics.


eMediNexus    20 September 2017

A new study published in Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz assessed the growth rate of Candida albicans (CA) in the presence of different concentrations of glucose and fructose two of the main pathophysiologic and nutritionally relevant sugars in diabetic patients. This study aimed at a better understanding of the nutrient acquisition strategy and its possible relation to the hyperglycemic status of diabetic patients. Here, the effects of different concentrations of glucose and fructose on the growth rate of CA was studied by flow-cytometry. It was found that glucose concentration is directly related to CA growth. It was stated that this finding could explain the frequent yeast infections that occur in uncontrolled diabetic patients. Additionally, the study demonstrated that fructose inhibits CA growth rate. Hence, it was inferred that fructose-containing food may prevent the development of candidiasis, especially in oral sites.

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