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Ayurveda and homeopathy doctors want a chance to treat coronavirus patients

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Many doctors of alternative medicines feel that they should be given a chance to prove the effectiveness of their treatment, as allopathy is already using trial and error method in few cases to treat coronavirus patients.

The homeopathy association in Ranchi has decided to distribute two lakh doses of Arsenic-30, as assumed to be an immunity booster. The state government has still not decided whether to allow this field of medicine and a research on homeopathy in treating COVID-19 patients.

Dr P K Choudhury, a homeopathy practitioner on Kanke Road, said that homeopathy has a variety of medicines for patients. Practitioners of homeopathy analyze a patient’s ailments in detail before prescribing medicines that proves to be most effective. He also said they should be given a chance on an experimental basis to treat coronavirus cases as homeopathy has a very unique approach of treating patients on a case-to-case basis.

In the meantime, ayurvedic doctors are also seeking an opportunity to treat coronavirus patients. The ministry of Ayush has decided to do research on coronavirus and the efficacy of ashwagandha on patients along with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Few doctors of Ayurveda are very confident about positive results on coronavirus patients.

Padmanabhan Pandey, an aryuvedic doctor at Daksha Ayurveda, said that he had written a letter to the senior authorities for granting permission to treat coronavirus patients, but he was denied. He said that allopathy is treating patients on a trial and error method, so we should also be given a chance as there are giloy, ashwagandha and other medicines which can give positive results.

He further added that many people feel that ayurveda is all about herbs, but there are different types of minerals which could be very good for COVID-19 patients and can guarantee recovery. They have mixtures of natural medicinal herbs and minerals like Jai Mangal Ras and Tribhuvan Kirti Ras.

Ayurveda doctors do prescribe turmeric milk and use of mustard oil in the nasal and naval cavities to limit any possibility of infection.

Dr Hari Kumar of Kerala Ayurveda said that treatment of coronavirus is under experiment and one should consume citrus fruits and turmeric in milk to boost immunity. Also, a great way to boost immunity are body massages.

Source: ET Healthworld

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