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Medical Voice 11th Jan 2021
Dr KK Aggarwal,  11 January 2021
Coronavirus Live Count Map India

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COVID-19 Vaccine Updates


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White House task force warns of new USA variant of Covid-19

The White House coronavirus task force in its latest report said that the United States may have its own version of a more transmissible variant of Covid-19 that might be helping fuel the already aggressive spread of the virus. Reports sent by the task force to states dated to January 3 warned of the possibility of a USA variant of Covid-19, CNN reported. "This fall/winter surge has been at nearly twice the rate of rise of cases as the spring and summer surges. This acceleration suggests there may be a USA variant that has evolved here, in addition to the UK variant that is already spreading in our communities and maybe 50 per cent more transmissible," reports obtained by CNN said. .... read more

Yoga and COVID-19

Yoga now has an established role in promoting health and well-being. Does it also boost respiratory health and immunity? Join us today at 7:00 PM on Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal for an enlightening discussion on how patients with COVID-19 can benefit from yoga.Just click on or

CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster: GI COVID

With input from Dr Monica Vasudev1282: COVID-19: Affinity for the Digestive System 1.February: presence of gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms was reported in the first case of COVID-19 in the U.S. 2.In the early days, the focus was on respiratory symptoms and transmission; however, researchers from China soon identified the GI/fecal/oral route as another avenue of spread for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. .... read more

World COVID Meter 8th January 2021: Acute manageable immunogenic thrombogenic inflammatory contagious viral disease pandemic

Cases: 1M April 2, 2M April 15, 3M April 27, 4M May 8, 5M May 20, 6M May 30, 7M June 7, 8M June 15, 9M June 22, 10M June 29th, 11M July 4, 12M July 8, 13M July 13, 14M July 17, 15M July 23, 16M July 25, 17M July 29, 18M August 1, 19M August 6, 20M August 10, 21M August 16, 22M August 19, 23M August 21, 24M August 27, 25M August 30, 26M September 3, 27M September 7, 28M September 10, 29M September 14, 30M September 18, 31M September 21, 32M September 23, 33M September 28, 34M October 1, 35M October 4, 36M October 8, 37M October 11, 38M October 14, 39M October 17, 40M October 19, 41M October 22, 42M October 24, 43M October 26, 44M October 28, 45M October 30, 46M November 2, 47M November 4, 48M November 6, 49M November 7, 50M November 8, 51M November 10, 52M November 12, 53M November 14, 54M November 15, 55M November 17, 56M November 19, 57M November 20, 58M November 22, 59M November 24, 60M November 25, 61M November 27, 62M November 29, 63M December 1, 64M December 2, 65M December 4, 66M December 6, 67M December 7, 68M December 9, 69M December 10, 70M December 12, 71M December 13, 72M December 14, 73M December 15, 74M December 17, 75M December 19, 76M December 20, 77M December 22, 78M December 23, 79M December 26, 80M December 27, 81M December 29, 82M December 30, 83M December 31, 84M January 2, 85M January 4, 86M January 6 Ground Zero: Wuhan - in live animal market or cafeteria for animal pathogens: 10th January; Total cases are based on RT PCR, 67% sensitivity Coronavirus Cases: 88,455,495,Deaths: 1,905,173,Recovered: 63,593,250 .... read more

The Seven Dhatus in Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda physiology, food is Brahman and contains the same consciousness as in us and this consciousness is the essence of any food. Any food digested is converted into three portions - the gross undigested food is converted into waste (feces), the middle part is converted into one of the Dhatus and the subtlest form gets converted into ojha or the immunity. As per Ayurveda, food once eaten is converted into the first Dhatu, i.e., Rasa. Once the formation of Rasa is complete, the remaining is converted into Rakta (blood). The left over essence of food makes Mamsa (muscles), left over of which makes Medha (adipose tissue), and so on to form Asthi (Bone), Majja (Bone Marrow) and Shukra (sperm/ova). .... read more

Healthcare News Monitor

Serum’s vaccine despatch delayed another 48 hours

Pune: The massive airlift of the Covishield vaccine doses from here has been delayed by another 48 hours. It is now likely to happen only by Monday. Vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India has dismissed talk of the transportation delay being due to “price negotiations” with the Union government. Transportation was first expected to begin on Thursday, and then Friday.

DGCA issues guidelines to airlines for transportation of COVID-19 vaccines in dry ice packaging

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued guidelines to all aircraft operators who plan to transport COVID-19 vaccines packed in dry ice to various parts of the country, outlining the necessary safety precautions and modalities. If vaccines packed in dry ice are being transported in the passenger cabin of an aircraft, then the flight crew should be properly trained on the hazards and risks of its transportation, it noted. Dry ice transforms into carbon dioxide gas at temperatures higher than minus 78 degrees Celsius under normal atmospheric pressure and, therefore, it is classified as “dangerous goods” by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), it said.

Covid-19 vaccination drive to begin from January 16 in India

The Centre said on Saturday the Covid-19 vaccination drive would begin in the country on January 16 when nearly 30 million healthcare and frontline workers will be innoculated, followed by those above 50 years of age and the under-50 population groups with co-morbidities. "The roll-out of Covid-19 vaccine will provide priority to the healthcare workers and the frontline workers who are estimated to be around 3 cr, followed by those above 50 years of age and the under-50 population groups with co-morbidities numbering around 27 cr," the Centre stated in a release.

Covid immunity could last for months: New research clarifies previous findings

A new study suggests that the body’s immune response to the novel coronavirus can last for at least eight months after the onset of symptoms from the initial infection. The duration of immunity to Covid-19 has been a subject of research through the pandemic, and studies so far have provided various results. In July last year, a study suggested that immunity might be lost in months. As The Indian Express reported back then, researchers from King’s College London drew this conclusion from a drop they observed in the antibody levels in recovered Covid-19 patients over time — from a “potent level” in 60% of study participants during the peak of infection to only 16.7% retaining that level of potency 65 days later. While that study suggested that recovered Covid-19 patients are likely to remain susceptible to re-infection, the new study suggests that nearly all Covid-19 survivors have the immune cells necessary to fight re-infection.

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