ABOUT eMediNexus - Healthcare News in India

ABOUT eMediNexus - Healthcare News in India

Doctors are some of the busiest professionals in India today. As professionals, doctors face widely different educational and vocational trajectories relative to others. The enormous doctor to population shortfall in India means that doctors in India see on average 10 times the number of patients in comparison to their Western counterparts. With the rapid pace of how medicine is evolving, it is imperative for doctors to keep updated with the latest news, technologies, procedures, drugs and information. Traditionally, doctors have relied on the pharmaceutical industry to update them through detailing, publications, live CME and conferences. eMedinexus is a robust platform that addresses major doctor needs. Doctors are updated daily with targeted curated content, including breaking news, videos, and medical quizzes, amongst other content. eMediNexus is building upon India’s oldest healthcare online newspaper, eMediNews, which has a following of 1 lakh doctors a month, and is powered by cutting edge scientific content from IJCP Group, one of India’s oldest medical publication houses spearheaded by renowned cardiologist Dr. K. K. Aggarwal. It also a networking platform where doctors can connect with each other, message and collaborate privately, connect with people they went to medical school/university with or with people they worked with. eMediNexus will evolve to address every major scientific need of the Indian doctor community.


Nilesh is a seasoned healthcare professional who has been running the IJCP Group for the past 6 years. IJCP is a leading medical communications player in India and has been in the market since 1991.

Nilesh brings a vast knowledge of the healthcare industry onto the table along with a wide nexus of healthcare professionals who will be collaborating with eMedinexus.

Amit has been an avid participant in the healthcare industry in India during its last eight years of growth. Initially an Investment Professional at Warburg Pincus in New York, he pivoted to India and entrepreneurship setting up operations of a pharmaceutical logistics venture, returned to private equity with an India focused healthcare fund, led Management Consulting for the country’s largest healthcare infrastructure advisory firm, and most recently was the Lead Consultant of a premier healthcare think tank.

Amit brings a deep network, operational, and financial expertise to eMediNexus.