1. Who can join eMediNexus ?

- eMediNexus is a first of its kind platform in India made after extensive scoping of doctor needs, specifically for the doctor community.

2. How do I get verified ?

- Platform users can verify themselves using their MCI registration numbers which will be crosschecked with their database.

3. How do I register ?

- Upon login in to the website or downloading the eMediNexus application, users will be prompted to register, where initially their first name, last name, and medical college will be inputted and cross checked against a database of pre-uploaded profiles. If a match is found, the user is prompted to input remaining data fields, and if no match if found with the pre-uploaded database, the user will be prompted to create a new profile.

4. How is my data protected ?

- eMediNexus takes extreme caution in protecting the privacy of data shared on this platform. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further details.

5. How do I create a profile ?

- Platform users will be prompted to create a profile, being redirected to the ‘Edit Profile’ page upon registration. Specific fields are identified here for the user to complete and save. Users can edit their profile in real time at any given point in time.

6. How do I post updates ?

- Platform users can post updates from the ‘Share an Update’ field in the Home Page, where they can tag their content by specialty, in addition to upload a photo, video, or other attachment. Questions to the doctor community can also be posted through this feature.

For any support related issues, email us at support@emedinexus.com

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