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Liver Update Benefits of Liv.52 in Hepatomegaly syndrome in pediatric population
eMediNexus, 27 September 2021
#Gastroenterology #Hepatology #Multispeciality
A hepatomegaly syndrome in children also known as Debre rsquo s syndrome II as and Baker-Winegard syndrome It is characterized by hypotonia associated with accumulation of fat and glycoge ...MORE
Liver Update: Propitious role of Liv.52 in the management of Indian childhood cirrhosis
eMediNexus, 26 September 2021
#Gastroenterology #Hepatology #Multispeciality
The etiology of Indian childhood cirrhosis ICC is cirrhosis and is considered as difficult to treat However formulation known as Liv 52 combination of capparis spinosa cichorium int ...MORE
Liver Update: Long-standing Protection of Hepatitis A by immunization in childhood
eMediNexus, 25 September 2021
#Gastroenterology #Hepatology #Multispeciality
Hepatitis A is a severe provocative liver disease caused by hepatitis A virus HAV infection from close contact with infected people It is considered to be highly endemic in the Indian s ...MORE
Liver Update: Diagnostic tools for assessment of malnutrition among children with chronic liver diseases
eMediNexus, 24 September 2021
#Gastroenterology #Hepatology #Multispeciality
Malnutrition a quiet problem in children with chronic liver disease CLD is associated with short and long-term morbidity and mortality in both pre- and post-transplant periods Its preva ...MORE
Scientists develop thermostable variety of insulin, can be kept without refrigeration
Jhilmil Mukherjee Pandey, 24 September 2021
KOLKATA Scientists have developed a thermostable insulin which does away with the need to keep it refrigerated This is being considered a breakthrough in scientific circles as portabili ...MORE
India's active COVID cases lowest in 187 days
PTI, 24 September 2021
India registered 31 923 new COVID-19 cases with the overall tally now rising to 3 35 63 421 as the active cases came down to 3 01 640 the lowest in 187 days stated the Union Health Min ...MORE