eSpiritual: Try to get what you like and try to like what you get


Dr KK Aggarwal    07 November 2017

Most people get frustrated when they do not get what they desire. The frustration can manifest as anger jealousy or irritation which can ultimately cause much more damage to the person. The law of nature is that you get what you deserve and not what you desire. Each action has a karmic expression which ultimately leads to a result which can be desirable or undesirable. Each action therefore invariably ends into either a feeling of pleasure or pain. And the one which ends with pleasure creates more desire and attachment further leading to frustration. What you are depends on your past karmic expression and what you will be in future will depend on your present karmic actions. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction which is the natural law of karma. According to Vedanta scriptures every karmic debt has to be paid sooner or later. Every result should be accepted as a gift of the nature or the gift of God. One should not get excited nor tainted with results. According to Bhagavad Gita one should be attached to the actions but detached from their results. Once you have controlled your mind and won over the duality of pleasure and pain you attain internal happiness and the realization of your true Self. Every karmic expression should be accepted as a message from the God the results of which may be evident later. Any bad experiences with your present karma need not necessarily mean that it is a result of your bad past karma or is a repayment of the past debt. It may also be taken as an experience to prevent occurrence of the same in future and also an opportunity to teach others through your own experience so that they can prevent themselves from getting into such a bad experience. The more you give the more you get is another law of nature. If you want others to love you you will also have to learn to love others. The bad karmic actions done today can only give you a momentary pleasure but in long run you will be a loser. One should be content with what one gets both in terms of one s profession as well as day to day life. Contentment is the key to self happiness. However this does not means that one should not have any desire and one should leave everything to destiny. With continuous effort and repeated attempts one can change one s destiny. Fulfillment of desires should also obey the laws of nature. Substantial fulfillment of desires is a supernatural power. People who are committed or self realized attain these powers happenings and experience substantial effortless fulfillment of any desire. But even if one achieves that one should not get attached to it. Fulfillment of desires should be seen as any ordinary karmic action and one should learn to detach oneself from the result of such an action. Disclaimer The views expressed in this write up are my own .

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