Vildagliptin enhances restoration of salivary glands impaired by obese-insulin resistance.


eMediNexus    08 November 2017

A new study published in the Archives of Oral Biology hypothesized that that vildagliptin confers beneficial effects on the salivary gland impaired by obese insulin resistance via decreasing mitochondrial dysfunction apoptosis oxidative stress and inflammation. In this experiment 24 male Wistar rats were divided into two groups. Each group was fed with either a normal diet ND or a high fat diet HFD for 16 weeks. At week 13 the HFD fed rats were subdivided into 2 subgroups to receive either a vehicle or vildagliptin 3mg kg day for 28 days. While ND fed rats were treated with the vehicle. At the end of treatment metabolic parameters were examined. It was found that vehicle treated HFD fed rats developed obese insulin resistance with an increase in oxidative stress inflammation apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction in the salivary glands. On the other hand vildagliptin therapy reduced oxidative stress inflammation apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction in salivary gland of HFD fed rats. Thus it was inferred that vildagliptin prevented salivary gland injury occurring due to obese insulin resistance.

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