Colonic Transit Time and Gut Peptides in Patients with Slow and Normal Colonic Transit Constipation.


Dr KK Aggarwal    11 November 2017

A recent study published in BioMed Research International investigated whether pathophysiological differences exist among healthy controls HC and patients with slow and normal transit constipation STC and NTC . In this study gastrointestinal GI symptoms using validated questionnaires circulating concentrations of neurotensin motilin corticotrophin releasing factor CRF and somatostatin and possible differences in frequency distribution of the neurotensin rs1800832 A G and Neurotensin Receptor 1 rs6090453 C G single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs were evaluated on 51 patients with severe functional constipation and 20 HC. The findings revealed that symptom profiles largely overlapped between NTC and STC patients. On the other hand with respect to peptide profiles neurotensin showed lower concentrations at 60 and 90 8201 min in STC versus HC while throughout the curve motilin showed 85 and 82 lower levels in STC than HC and NTC respectively. Moreover neurotensin polymorphism resulted in being associated with the peptide levels. Thus it was inferred that symptom profile is not a reliable tool to discriminate STC. Meanwhile the GI peptide profiles might help in identifying it.1 Reference 1. Riezzo G Chimienti G Clemente C et al. Colonic Transit Time and Gut Peptides in Adult Patients with Slow and Normal Colonic Transit Constipation. BioMed Research International. 2017 2017 1 10. doi 10.1155 2017 3178263.

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